A Critics Voice and Thoughts on Bad Reviews

Very few of us have escaped the lashing tongue of someone about what we have written. It helps if they present it politely, but sometimes they are just plain offensive. The Los Angeles Times had an article on 8/26/12 regarding the reviews of Ayn Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged”, 55 years ago, which was after her novel, “The Fountainhead”. While we have all heard that the “Harry Potter” series took forever to find a publisher and there are many stories such as this……these are reviews for a book that is still famous today (the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, mentioned it in a speech in 2005). The first review starts out: “It is probably the worst piece of large fiction written since”…. (her last book).

Luckily the critics are not always the final word. The public is. Read below for a good laugh. Pat yourself on the back and keep on going forward. George Orwell’s novel “1984” took 30 years to become a best seller.  (Sorry about the print size – got it as big as I could).

Book reviewers thoughts on Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”.


About Barbara Billig

Hi! I am Barbara Griffin Billig and I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis at age nineteen with a degree in biology and chemistry. After teaching for several years in St. Louis, Southern California seemed to be calling. There I started and worked at a variety of businesses including pet shops, restaurants, and a real estate brokerage firm. Deciding to take a sabbatical from the business world for several years I wrote, in conjunction with another teacher, Bett Pohnka, “The Nuclear Catastrophe”. This fiction novel portrayed what ultimately came to pass with 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the Japan Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown. A new updated edition of this is available as an EBook for the kindle. An updated paperback version entitled“THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe” is now also available. In 2014 the sequel was published: "#Betrayal, a nuclear fiction novel of survival"
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